Possible to use live answering with Teams and then push to a auto attendant?

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Is it possible to create an auto attendant with Teams that is redirected to a specific person to "live answer" and then if they don't pick up in a certain amount of rings, it forwards to another auto attendant with a menu?  Or is there a different feature to accomplish a live answer capability with a forwarding to an auto attendant if not answered within a certain amount of time. 

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You'd use a call queue to be the primary destination for the called number, instead of an auto attendant. There is an option called "Call timeout handling", which decides what to do if the call is not answered in a specific time frame. You can then use "Voice App" as the destination and select an auto attendant of your choice.

My preferred method of handling that is an auto-attendant so you can handle business hours, holidays, greetings, etc, which sends directly to the call queue. Then you configure the call queue with "call time out handling" as described above.