Possible feature for meeting chats

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So currently, yeah we're having a lot of meeting via Teams.

I'm finding the following scenario:

Typing information into the meeting chat, start getting a little too detailed on a particular subject that then needs to be taken to a different chat, but we've already put quite a bit of info in there.


What would be nice is the ability to create a new chat with specific people from a point in the chat, so either choose a message and create a new meeting with everything after that, or check boxes on messages to select the relevent ones to create the new chat from?



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Hi! If you Hoover over a contact in the attendee
pane you see their contact card and you can from there click the message icon to start a chat!
You can then use below instructions to get the conversations too!

For requests please go to Teams uservoice and post a request or vote for an existing one:



@adam deltinger you can also select the text of multiple lines of chat by click-dragging then copy/paste to that new chat and manipulate a bit of the timestamps, etc. to "continue" the chat.

Thanks! Totally missed that part of the question :)