Playing embedded YouTube video in PowerPoint on Teams

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Good afternoon,

I currently deliver training 3 times a week via Teams.

All of my sessions are PowerPoints with some videos from YouTube embedded in the presentation.

Up until yesterday whenever I delivered a course when I clicked “play” on the videos they would start for everyone. Suddenly, this is not working and I’ve spent all day asking everyone to click play themselves. It also works the other way that whenever anyone else plays a video it doesn’t play for me, either.

This issue only arose today, I’ve not changed any settings, nor have I changed the files.

I cannot deliver by sharing my screen as I need to have access to the chat bar, the breakout rooms and participation list.

On a side note, please will someone come up with a way to share slides to breakout rooms without having to use extremely clunky work arounds!!!
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Hi @Kjwhite1234,


Sorry to hear you are having issues. That certainly is not expected. To be clear, when you share the PPT, I assume you are doing this through PowerPoint Live (meaning you hit Share, and then select the PPT itself) as opposed to sharing a screen... I will check with my colleagues in PPT Live to see if there are any known regressions... you might also want to open a support case so we can get additional logs to help diagnose the issue.


Can you elaborate a bit on the use case for breakout rooms? 

Were you able to find a solution to the video issues? I too am experiencing this and I would rather not have to share my desktop view as I have to attend to and respond to chats.