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Hello all,


Does anyone have any information on when Private Channels will get Planners? 


Teams is a collaborative tool, but you can't assign tasks to people in private channels due to the lack of planners.


Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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The documentation says that planner isn’t currently supported! There’s no ETA for this out unfortunately but hopefully there will be a solution next year


Hi @adam deltinger 


Thanks for the reply, lets hope its added soon.

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You can assign people of private channels tasks just fine. Private channel members are members of the Team so you can assign them tasks. The only thing you cannot do is have a "private" plan.

This is going to probably be awhile if at all since they have to rearchitect how Planner works to hide individual plans based on channels.

Anyway, you can use a website tab in a private channel to link straight to another plan if you want a link there, but you can most def. still assign tasks to anyone in the Team. If you need a private plan in general, then you'll have to have a Plan created on it's own, then a website tab linked to it and invite everyone in the channel, but at this point you might as well just create a new private Team for these people in the channel instead.

Hi@Chris Webb


Thanks for the response. I'l look into this.



@MJKsotech Is there any news about availability of MS Planner in a private channel ?


@Sonja Van Aelst Hi, still no update on this. We had to use the work around of making planners online then pulling them into teams via the 'Website' function on 'add a tab'

I wouldn't expect to see a Private plan for Private channels for a long time. If anything they might at least make the Planner tab available to use to add plans outside the channel etc. Similar to the Website tab option sooner than that, but it takes a serious architecture overhaul to make plans private to channels in an existing group. It'll probably end up just being new stand alone plans with a new group, and in that case if you need a private plan, you might as well just create a Private Team from the get go and add plans to that.

@Chris Webb When you're in a larger organization they are stingy about creating new teams. So now we have our 30 person grad student cohort in one Team, and we have 7 teams within that with Channels. I WISH we could do a Planner for each individual channel. Would be lovely.

@ it´s really a mistake that MS do not include the planner on private chanels. 

It´s just the one I´m missing to start using teams massively...

We use Trello in the private channels works the same  @Chris Webb 

@MJKsotech , A pretty good work around to use it in Private Channels is to create the Planner in a standard channel & then remove the tab.

Open the Plan in web client.

Copy the Planner Link

Open the private channel & add the link as a website to the private channel tab.

Works pretty well for our team, worth a try until they add planner to private teams.

@JesseIT740  Thanks, I was also thinking of that as a workaround. Unfortunately the footprint of unnecessary services is virtually the same as creating a Team. Only saving is OneDrive for business. The only other potential benefit is end-user-experience, i.e. no need to scroll between the various Teams in Teams, but scrolling between channels in a Teams is basically the same.  


Are there any other benefits to this approach?


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@Chris Webb The major problem we have with this approach is that anyone with the Planner URL can see the "private" plan... so it isn't really private at all. :(

Only people in the parent Team could. You may just have to create a new plan and link to that. Negative it’ll create another group but just keep those with a good naming convention and you’ll be ok. Then anyone gets added to plan it’s got it’s own security etc. obviously it would be better if sub plans had unique security but we got to make due with what we got now unfortunately
It is a good solution, but limited in its basic version, and requires upgrade to access "Assign" and "Due date" features.
Do you guys use the business upgrade?

@JesseIT740 still not being a "private" planner and everyone can see using the link address.

@adam deltingermessage from the future, unfortunately no changes for now ;)

Is there any update? Any ETA when planner tab may appear in private channel?

That looks a nice workaround. How is the privacy maintained if you use this? Can the People in the channel still find the tasks e.g. by searching etcetera.