Pin to top in Posts tab of a Channel is not sticking

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I love that MS Teams now has the functionality to pin posts. This is especially helpful as we are looking to put a "virtual bulletin board" in place at my company. I would like to "pin" the bulletin board rules and how-to posts so they don't get buried in other posts when we launch.


However, when I do pin the message, it does not pin it to the top (or bottom since new posts are listed at the bottom) of the feed. All it does is add a green bar to the left of the message window and a small green thumbtack icon on the top right.


How do we actually pin this message to the top (or bottom) of a feed to ensure everyone sees it?


I have pinned these, but they are not pinned to the top or the bottom of the feed.  I have tested this in other Teams channels as well and the pin functionality just seems to add a green bar and pushpin - but doesn't actually pin it. I have also found out that other members can pin/unpin my posts.



If there's not a solution here, that's okay.  I will just have to put together a small Wiki tab with the rules and how-to.  It would just be nice that it worked as I think users want it to work...


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PS - I am using the Microsoft Teams desktop application. Version

@KathleenKoenig - This is happening to me too!  It doesn't look like anyone has responded - ugh.  :sad:

Happens to me too - is there a fix/work around?

@Tim_Hunt - When you pin a post in the channel, it gets pinned to the Channel Info. Unfortunately, it's hidden away, and I haven't seen too many people know that the Channel Details column exists :sad:



Thankfully, in the new channel experience, this is opened and has more information as a "streamlined information pane" on the right.




If you don't have the new channel experience yet, you can read more about it at these links:


@HelloBenTeoh - I hadn't noticed the 'In this channel' side bar before. Looks like that will work for us - will need to tell everyone about it!

@Tim_Hunt I am having an error when trying to add pin post into a channel, I found a workaround using the Microsoft Teams Classic and allowed me to do it, but I would like to know if this will become available soon in the new Teams.

Is there something like a user voice change to have pinned posts always stay at the top? Can we create one? I like the idea of having a pinned post at the top so anyone entering the channel sees the pinned content. I want to leverage posts with loop components like a task list for the team to know where the active tasks live in terms of progress.

I am also interested in this.  There should be a "Pin" and a "Pin to top" option.  To the powers that be, can you please make this happen?  


I second this too. Having the pin function work like it does in chats where it pins to the top would a really valuable function.
A double function could also be an alternative that only shows a message linking to the channel info if there is more than 1 pinned post as well as a highligt if one of the pinned posts have not been read.