Picking up incoming calls from neighbouring co-worker

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Hey there,

I was trying to make it possible to let people pick up incoming calls from their neighbouring co-worker.

(With our old VoIP Telephone this was possible) I was thinking about situations like, when your neighbour is currently roaming around (getting a coffee etc.). Probably he didnt set his status so that calls would be forwarded and the 20sec we wait for redirecting might be too much. But changing it to 10sec would be impractical if he is at his table.

I do not want to automatically call other users.

I hope I explained my problem and would like to hear about ideas from you.

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Hello Tim,

In this scenario I would recommend setting up simultaneous ring/ call forking to both your account and your neighbors account. This would allow you to answers the neighbors while he is roaming.

Only draw back would be this would ring even when your neighbor is at his desk on your Teams Client. Let me know if that solves your issue.

With Regards,
Satish Upadhyaya