Phantom account

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Hello, I am trying to get rid of an account that I do not use and cannot figure out how.   I installed Teams and selected personal account, but every morning when I fire up my machine again, it defaults to a "work" account and tells me Teams is no longer free for this type of account.    If I uninstall Teams, and then re-install it, it works correclty, but then I have to do it every single day.  


I've gone to Settings > Accounts > Access work or school and there is nothing there. 


I've also gone to Settings > Accounts > Email & accounts, and only my personal email is listed there.    No one else uses the PC.  






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I ended up purchasing an annual subscription to Zoom since no one seems to have the answer to this. Very disappointing since I pay for an annual subscription to Office 365 and I cannot even use Teams without uninstalling it and reinstalling it every day (which I do not have time for).