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After some troubleshooting, and hearing that multiple of my colleagues have the same issue, I thought I'd share here. It basically kills teams as a conversational tool for me, and it appears to be a specific teams issue.


Upon entering a call/teams-meeting all sound cuts out from all playback devices. The moment you leave a call, sound works again and you even hear the 'hang up' sound. 


  • It seems to block all sounds, I've tried with 2 separate BT devices.
  • It blocks sound out, but the system appears to register sound unabated.  The green bars in the volume mixer still go up and down for every application, including teams.
  • To confirm this I made a loopback recording, and the sound is still registered by the system. Teams seems to make some sort of windows-override between the software and the hardware layer.
  • Stops the moment you 'leave' the call, so it is an override that only occurs once you enter a call.
  • Even if I choose the option 'join without audio', the issue happens.
  • Only the desktop app affects it, the teams web interface doesn't make the issue.

What I've tried:

  • Rebooting worked once, but than the issue recurred after a few minutes
  • Rebooting again stopped working to resolve the issue
  • Re-installing sound devices make no difference, issue persists
  • Re-installing teams once managed to solve the issue, but it recurred after a few minutes
  • Re-installing teams stopped working to resolve the issue
  • Switching or selecting different playback devices makes no difference.
  • Disabling, or removing sound editing application (NVIDIA Broadcast) makes no difference. 
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