(permanent) visual notifications of Teams when used via web (teams.microsoft.com)

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I'm using Windows 11 with Microsoft Edge and teams.microsoft.com with the 'Install this site as an app' feature of edge to get a dedicated taskbar icon for Teams. When receiving a chat message, a notification + sound appears in the Notifications area of Windows 11, including the blue little circle. However, this disappears again after about 5 seconds. 


Since Teams itself is a website, I also don't have a badge on my Teams icon on my taskbar indicating a new message has arrived. The result is that when I arrive back at my desk, I have to manually open the Teams website to check for messages, as there is no visual clue anywhere on my screen of newly arrived messages. 


Is this by design? or is anything misconfigured?




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@Maikel770 It's a Windows notification, so after it's left the screen you'll still see a count of missed notification at the bottom right of the screen which when you click on will slide in all the notification you missed.


Alternatively, install the Teams desktop App, then you'll get a counter on the app for missed notifications.

@StevenC365 : thanks, indeed that's what I was hoping for: a count of missed notifications, but it's just not there in case of Teams web chat notifications. It's there in other cases: for example when I take a screenshot (ctrl+alt+s) it will display a '1' inside a blue circle to indicate a (missed) notification. I'll further dive into the Windows configuration of notifications to see if I can find anything. 


I'm looking into a specific use case where the full Teams client is not an option due to company policy (conditional access). 

After some further testing this seems intended behavior by Microsoft.
- Other websites do create persistent notifications
- on teams.microsoft.com: if I close the tab in Microsoft Edge during the 5 seconds that the notification is displayed in the banner, the notification is not automatically removed. This seems to indicated that the teams.microsoft.com website is actively clearing the notification. It's not a Windows config.

Maybe this helps someone else
Is there a way to enable "permanent" notifications in Microsoft Teams PWA on Windows so that they stay in Windows Notification Center just like Google Chat, GMail and other notifications? I'm having the same issues because of lack of any visual clues about missed messages when returning to my PC and have to remember to open the app itself to check for missed messages. Using desktop app is not an option, since it requires to join another domain (security setting set by a company). I agree that MS Teams seems to be proactively removing notification entry after showing banner (~5 seconds) unlike other PWA apps I got.