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I am looking for a way to collaborate on marking up a PDF.  Is there an app or plug-in that will help our team do this?  Please only respond with ways to work on PDFs as we are working on shop drawings and graphics. Thanks!

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AFAIK there’s no good way to do this from Teams itself! You have the Adobe cloud app of course but when it comes to annotations these needs to be opened with your PDF app you use!

You could convert PDFs to word or create word documents to collaborate in with Teams and then from word export to PDF

There is a uservoice for this here so go there and vote for it:



Actually, you don't need any extra app or plugin. You simply use the (already shared and realtime updated) OneNote notebook of your team. You insert your pdf there and you can mark annotate etc using onenote tools.

@asouycan that then be linked to an assignment?



for those still looking for pdf collaboration in teams, there is an adobe app available. Just click the + sign in the upper menu of a channel an choose the Adobe Acrobat app.