Outlook "Share to Teams"?

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Are many of you seeing this button in Outlook?  Did you have to do anything to enable it?

I see SHARE TO OUTLOOK from within Teams, but not the new functionality to share an email chain TO Teams...much more useful in our environment.  

We tend to get features rolled out to us fairly quickly, so I wanted to make sure that there was nothing we needed to do as an admin to turn the feature on?


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AFAIK, the Share to Teams feature has not been released yet
Any news on this yet? When will it be released? Still can't see the option to "Share to Teams" in Outlook...

The documentation for this feature is found on

@Mattias Skog Waiting for it as well. I totally get that some features are delayed sometimes, but this one must be the "winner".


Perhaps @ThereseSolimeno could reach out to the feature team for an update at least?

@ChristianBergstrom @Mattias Skog 


I checked with the program manager and he says there were some changes, the roadmap will be updated soon with corrected information so you should watch there for updates.

@ChristianBergstrom  - in the Ignite session:  The Outlook vision: IT and user value in a hybrid workspace

they just advised that it is available in the web version and that they are still working on the client version

@ThereseSolimeno Thanks. Haven't been here for a while but noticed it's modified 8/31/2020. Must be the "rolling out" part. 


@Sandra Elliott Great, thanks for info (do not have it online yet either).

@ChristianBergstrom thanks everyone for the info. We have been waiting for this since it was announced at the end of last year. For users entrenched in outlook, this should be the game-changer. Sending emails to channels makes Teams unusable.

I don’t see it on the web version
Roadmap updated yesterday show it is launched. Still do not have it. How can we get it?

We also do not have it on outlook web version. Information is not matched between roadmap and actual status

@Todd Purifoy 


Still not seeing anything on web, mobile, PC or Mac for Teams. Running the most current build as well.

This is literally the only thing holding my 'team' back from moving to Teams. We use the equivalent Slack add-in heavily. 

Same here, also still don't see it in client nor web version. @Chris Webb do you know more about expected release time?




@Jeroen Struik  I'm putting in a support case to see if there is an issue with it in our tenant, or if the actual status is still "Rolling Out".


I'll follow up with result.

Any news on this?
Hello, can we have some update about this?

@Jin Chen Agreed, been waiting on this for too long now.

completely agree with everyone's sentiment here. This has been "coming" for too long. Additionally, how more people don't struggle with this issue is beyond me. Sending emails to team channels make Teams completely unusable...

@Mattias Skog the Roadmap for Outlook shows this is coming in Dec 2020 - Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365