Outgoing Calls Ringing on the Wrong Device

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When somebody calls me in Teams, my computer's built-in speakers naturally ring to let me know I have an incoming call (as they should). When I'm on a phone call in Teams, the microphone and speaker on my headset are used transmit and receive audio (also as they should).

When I make a call to somebody using Teams, however, the ringtone that I hear comes out of my computer's built-in speakers instead of my headset. My coworkers should not have to listen to this while I'm waiting for somebody to pick up. How can this be fixed?

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when you receive or initiate a call, Teams is playing the signaling sound via the current selected device in your windows sound settings (not the one in Teams!).


As soon as the call is established, it will switch over to the audio device selected in the Teams client. In that case your headset. That means, that when you have selected your build in Speaker in Windows, the ringing sound of incoming and outgoing calls will ring via your build in speakers and everyone will hear it.
The native Teams Client also have the capability to add a secondary ringer device. This device will also ring, when you receive a call, but will not ring when you initiate a call!


For your scenario, I would suggest to do the following:
In Windows select the Headset as your device and in Teams add the build in speaker as the secondary device. Now outgoing calls will only ring on the headset and incoming calls will ring via the headset and via the build in speakers. I have just tested it by myself.

@Markus_95 I guess that kind of does accomplish what I asked... I really hope that's not the best solution, though; that would mean that any other audible notifications I might get on my computer will go unnoticed unless I have my headset on.


Really though, this seems like something that Microsoft needs to work on and get fixed. Can you imagine the confusion that would have resulted in the 80's if the bell in your rotary phone ringed every time you tried to call somebody? It would have driven your family crazy! This is just not how phones work.

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as far as I can see, this is the only solution that is currently available to meet your requirements.
It is not possible to send the Chat notifications to a separate audio device.