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Is there anyway to prevent users from creating a Teams meeting and adding an Org-wide Team to it?  We have an Org-wide team that we only allow owners to post to, howeve

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There are no policies to control this on a per-team basis, but I suppose you can configure delivery restrictions to prevent the actual invite from being distributed.

But that wouldn't prevent the meeting from showing up as a post in the Channel, would it?

I'm with Vasil here, I don't recall we have the possibility to configure this on a per Team basis, just per meetings policy basis

@Juan Carlos González Martín , 

Agreed, and that inability to prevent meetings and/or their associated system-generated messages  from showing up in the channel  is a BIG problem for us.


1. A sensitive topic meeting (budget, a firing, an investigation, downsizing, etc) is accidentally posted by an employee to the General channel of the Org-wide team.
2. The entire organization has therefore been "invited" to that sensitive meeting, and moreover there is a post in the General Channel announcing it (showing the meeting title, etc).
3. The meeting organizer cannot edit the meeting to change the meeting channel.
4. The Org-wide Team's owner(s) cannot delete a (non-cancelled) meeting post from the Org-wide General channel, even if policy is applied to allow Team owners to delete posts. SEE SCREENSHOT 1
5. The meeting organizer must first cancel the meeting, which allows the Team Owner to delete the initial meeting post itself, but...
6. the reply post that says "[meeting organizer] cancelled "[sensitive topic]" meeting" cannot be removed, even when the messaging policy has been set to allow Team Owners to delete posts. SEE SCREENSHOT 2


We don't want to disallow users from posting meetings to channels in other Teams. Unfortunately, there's no per Team setting to disallow it on the Org-wide team only.


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