Option to open in App by Default gone in Windows 11 Teams?

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I had my Teams set to open files by default in the desktop apps for my Windows 11 PC.


Now, it seems that the option to have that default is gone from Windows 11? I only get Teams and Browser for defaults now.


Not the case on my Windows 10 PC.


Yes, I can right click, then select open in app, but that's a pain.


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Hi @swhit88 


I am having the same issue, it's very frustrating and my IT Support doesn't seem to be able to figure out the issue. Apparently, his version of Windows 11 allows him to select default options for word. As for PDF documents, he sees the same as me and the only option is to open in browser. 


We uninstalled and reinstalled Teams but that did nothing. We're you able to find a fix??  Please share if you were or if anyone else out there has a fix, I would be grateful. 




@Erika2050Nothing yet. I haven't spent a ton of time on it.  It could be one of those new 'features' that roll out to users in stages. It worked as default in the app when I first installed it..