Open SharePoint 2013 PDF in Adobe instead of Edge

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We have successfully used Internet Explorer with SharePoint for a few years now, with PDFs opening in the client application. Since SharePoint always worked best with IE, we have all made it out default browsers. More and more websites however are no longer working properly with IE since it is no longer supported, and I would like to transition the team to Microsoft Edge. 

Our site is set up so the "Default open behavior for browser-enabled documents" is set to "Open in the client application", and I have gone into site settings in my Windows 10 system and changed the default app for all PDFs as Adobe Acrobat 2017. PDFs opened from SharePoint using Internet Explorer behave as expected with these settings. PDFs opened from SharePoint using Microsoft Edge still open in the browser. Inevitably, several times a day, I close the file and then lose the SharePoint page I'm on and need to re-navigate, or I am not able to explore my library while looking at a PDF. We need to be able to open PDFs in Adobe. 

How do I set this up?

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Did you figure out how to get this to work yet?  @CocoHazel 

I sure didn't. I've noticed a few other features that don't work with Microsoft Edge (e.g. opening libraries with file explorer), so I've gone back to using Internet Explorer as my default.Sigh.@usmcwag 

Is there another solution, now that IE11 is no longer being supported? This is a serious loss of functionality in Sharepoint.

The post is rather old but the query exactly matches the problem I am facing. I have yet to find a solution and any update would be helpful. I am continuing to use IE11 although of course there is increasing pressure to move away from this browser and use Edge.