Only owners can post messages - but users can create channel meetings

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We have a department team with a "General" channel. Only owners are allowed to post messages there. But by accident a user created a channel meeting at this "General" channel. Since it is a "only owners" channel, the user should not be able to do that IMHO.
Is this a bug or a feature?




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@ChristianBergstrom Users should be able to create channel meetings but just not within channels they are not allowed to do so.


This would be a very harsh and excessive measure. But a good idea if it's not possible to restrict it otherwise.

Ok. Those are the options available as far as I know. Try with the official support if you’ll get another response.
I am not sure why this thread is not getting more attention. Not only does this bypass security, but it also does not allow the owner to delete the posting on the channel. Non owners can now start a thread and reply to it on an all staff team. Microsoft, please fix this vulnerability. This is not how it should work by design. If the settings in Teams are set to now allow members to post, this feature needs to follow the security setup. If the Team is set up so that owners can delete messages, this feature should follow the Teams security that is set. This issue could be a significant issue for large all staff Teams. Members can directly communicate with all staff with no security to block them from doing so.