Number of people in Teams meeting

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I have some conflicting information regarding the number of attendees.  I did see a post under WHATS NEW 


it says "no limits on meeting length or size".  Does this mean I can have more than 300 attendees?  I typically host a large meeting each week, and often have to switch to zoom to accommodate.  It would be great of the information is true.  can someone confirm this?  

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@Moejo108 Hi, I have never seen "no limits" before, that's quite funny :) But to answer your question I believe it's (1000) coming very soon.


The description could be better, but this is the roadmap id.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365

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Hello @Moejo108  I recently read an article confirming the new 1000 person limit in Teams is in effect.


@ThereseSolimeno Thank you for  your response. I cannot get into the link you attached and the document I see still say's 300 for a teams meeting, but a LiveEvent can go to 20,000.  

@Moejo108 Hi, you can just follow the roadmap id. It will be possible, that we can say :)

Sorry @Moejo108 - the link might be broken to the article.  It confirms 1000 users but I don't know how long it will take to roll out to all users.