Notifications on Emergency Calls

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When setting up emergency locations, and respective emergency calling policies, has anybody successfully received an email notification of the emergency call?  The documentation specifically says


Search for and select one or more users or groups, such as your organization's security desk, to notify when an emergency call is made. The notification can be sent to email addresses of users, distribution groups, and security groups. A maximum of 50 users can be notified.


Emphasis is mine, but it seems to say (and suggest) that it a notification is sent via email.  However on testing, the best I get is a MS Teams message to the recipient that has been added in the Emergency Calling Policy.  The notification doesn't include any data either, such as location data identified by the device making the call (LIS data from BSSID, subnet, switch port, switch, etc).  I'd think that data would be rather important to the notification process, and emergency responses.


Edited: Location data does show up, if the device is able to resolve it's location. The phones I'd been testing with had been dropped into a VLAN that wasn't included in the Teams LIS database.  Still leaves notifications via email.

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where do I find my organization
I am not sure what finding your organization has to do with this post. You might try starting your own so that it can be responded to independently of mine. Thanks!
So does the email notifications work as expected?
No, no email notifications. I have a case open with MS on it. I noticed the documentation has been updated to say it now sends "Teams Notifications", even when you supply an email distribution list. MS support has suggested using a Microsoft 365 group, which I'm in the process of testing.

@jangliss Did you manage to get this to work?

@janglissWhat information is included in the teams notification? I keep trying to find it but there doesn't seem to be an example anywhere.