Not receiving chats from one user

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Hello - I recently started experiencing something very strange and I hope I can clearly explain it, so here goes... 

  • There is one person in my organization who I am no longer receiving their chat replies.
  • When I send them a message, they receive it.
  • They reply to me and I do not see it.
  • They react to my chats and I don't see their reaction.
  • I do not receive an email indicating that I've missed their chat. 
  • When I look at the chat history on my other devices, the messages I've sent do not appear.
  • It only happens with this one person. All other chats work fine, send, receive, sync across devices.
  • They are not in my blocked list.
  • I've logged out of Teams on all of my devices. Uninstalled the application on all devices. Tried using the web version.

This only started happening recently, no changes were made prior to this issue and nothing I've tried to do to fix worked thus far has worked. Any idea what may be going on here? 

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I am assisting one of our users experiencing the exact same issue described.  Was this resolved or options provided to try to determine cause/resolution/fix?


Thank you.


@JoeChang No. I haven't yet found a resolution to this.

I have exactly the same issue.




@StevenC365 I already checked both users and there is no one in the blocked contacts.  Plus, both users are enterprise users and blocking internal enterprise contacts is not available.


@StevenC365 unfortunately that list is empty :(