Not getting any notifications for Teams Mac & iOS

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Recently I was on vacation from work so I muted my Teams notifications - Usually, when I get a notification, I get an audio ping to my Mac, my Apple Watch and my iPhone - It used to annoy me a bit but now, since switching the notifications back on, I'm not getting any notifications at all.


This is very annoying as sometimes I'll forget to check Teams and I'll fond that someone asked me a question two hours ago and I didn't spot it (not great if you're working from home) - weirdly, I find that, If I go downstairs to make a cup of coffee, my watch will ping me - but when all four devices are together, I get nothing on any of them.


I've tried un-installing/re-installing on every device, this also makes no difference at all. It's also not related to Focus, it makes no difference if I'm in Work Focus or no Focus.

I have, of course, followed all the online instructions for 'turning on notifications' but it makes no difference.


I want my notifications back!


Has anyone else dealt with the same issue?

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