Not able to delete created organisations in MS Teams

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I am trying to delete some organisations I created already a few years ago and I am not using them anymore. 

How is it possible to delete them? 

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you want to leave organization from your MS teams app ?

@veithk navigate to the settings in your teams app and choose accounts and next to the org name click the three dots and click on leave org 




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@eliekarkafy thanks for your response and your help!


I already have been there. But there is not option to leave the organisation.





@veithk please try the below 


To leave the organization, you may do the following steps:

1. Go to
2. Click your profile photo > View account
3. Select 'Organizations' on the left
4. Select the organization you want to leave from > click 'Leave organization'

@eliekarkafy even that is not working... 




can you please translate this screenshot
Hi friends
To delete organizations you no longer use, you can typically find a "Delete" or "Remove" option within the organization settings or account management section

@eliekarkafy the translation would be: 


Access denied! 
The user ID entered was not recognized. If this is a new account, it may take a few hours before you can access the Services.
Important: This page does not yet support signing in with a Microsoft account. Try signing in with an account assigned to you by your organization, if you have one. If you don't have one, request a new work or school account from your administrator and try again.

are you using your work account when you're trying to leave org?
I have the same issue. Have you been able to resolve it?

hi @elkhinson 


no, I haven’t. After several phonecalls and mails with a very hard working support-employee, we came to the conclusion that there is no option, or way to delete those teams. 

@veithkSame issue. Been in Microsoft support for like 4 hours and they didn't manage to delete it...


Any news in this thread? I have the same problem.



I'm having the same issue and it is really frustrating as it hinders me in opening documents, meetings, messes up the login and all. I have also been in touch with so called support and they are perhaps trying their best. However they also seem a bit pre-defined about what my issue is and how to solve it. Not really fixing it. 


One thing that came to mind was the fact that the organizations I am having issues getting rid of is organizations that was attached to my email when I only had a private office subscription. Or even no, but registered online.  Now I have business, but the organizations can't get away. Could it be an issue that is coming from my personal account and has transferred to my business account?



I'm having the same issue.  Any luck fixing it

i'm also having same issue



I have the same issue, pretty strange MS cant fix this