No longer able to sign-in to Teams (work or school) after failed invite to organisation

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Hello, I've been working with clients over Teams (work or school) as a guest of their organization for many years without major issues. I'm also subscribed to Office 365 Business, which is why also have a business account with the same e-mail as my private account.


Recently, a client asked me to join their team and it caused major problems: I sometimes was able to sign-in with the web browser, but did not manage to change into their organisation. Sometimes it would show up in my list of organisation but not really lead anywhere and often remove that option after chosing it from the list. I could however still join my other client's team with the Teams (work or school) desktop app.


While troubleshooting the issue, I deleted my Teams cache and restarted my computer multiple times, but the issue seemed to get progressevily worse. Now the Teams (work or school) app will always cause an "We're sorry - we've run into an issue" screen when I'm trying to sign-in with my e-mail. The web app would present me with a choice of which account to use that is associated with that e-mail (private or company). Choosing company would also provoke the "We're sorry" message, while my private account works and let's me sign into my previous client's team as a guest (which no longer works with the destop app). After a successful sign-out and sign-in to my private account, it would also list my new client in a dropdown menu of organsiations, but choosing that in the beginning would lead me to a Teams interface with no access to anything. When I choose it by changing organisations after a successfull login to my old client, it would lead me back to the dropdown list of clients but with the new client removed.


I strongly suspect that there could be an issue with my account. I tried seeking support, but was not able to find a contact for account related issues with Teams. Especially since it seems to be related with my private account. As a software developer, I'm usually quite patient and resourceful when it comes to solving technical issues, but this one is really pushing my limits.


What could I possibly do to troubleshoot this or get assistance with the state of my Microsoft accounts? The matter is quite urgent, since it is actually costing me time and money while I'm no longer able to access Teams.


Thanks in Advance!

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@SL_DEV82 sounds like it could be a few issues but I’d suggest starting by removing your account from any associations with other organisations.


To do this, you’ll need to “leave” the other organisations. Because you started this with a personal account, start with these instructions: How to delete an organisation from your personal Microsoft Account 


Try leaving all the organisations except your own business account and then ask to get re-added to the ones you need.