New Teams - Set most recent app view as default

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Before I updated to the new Microsoft Teams, I always saw the calendar view by default when I opened the Teams app. Based on some quick testing with the old Teams, it appears that it was simply opening whatever app I had been viewing last.


On the new Teams, it always opens to the Chat app by default, which is not very useful for me. Is there a way to either make the view default to the most recently used app on the new Teams, or set a specific app (in my case, Calendar) as the default?

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I also would love to see them add a "default" startup page, as I do not use "Chat" either.
I tried to find the feedback page for teams, and found this link, but it says to click "Help" in the lower left corner of the settings page, but I don't have that option. (maybe I'm missing it??)

I'm going to use the "Feedback Hub" app that is in the start menu to give feedback/suggestion. Not sure if that will help....
I *REALLY* hope they do this, it is the entire reason I & my organization are planning to remain on Teams Classic for the foreseeable future
One thing that confuses me is I work for multiple clients and each installation has different defaults. Why? I can't find the settings in Teams admin to change it, why would they be different between clients? My employer's Teams defaults to Chat when it loads, and one of my clients defaults to Teams... in the old teams that wasn't a problem because I had teams open in two different windows and they only initialized once. With new Teams when you switch accounts they initialize repeatedly and I have to keep switching from the blank Teams tab to the Chat tab.