[New Teams] MacOs. The calls are not annuciated

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I hope this message finds you all doing well. I do have an issue using the New Teams in my MAC. The problem is the calls are not annunciated. The workaround I have applied is to answer the calls from my Phone and then Transfer the call to my desktop teams.

As you can see in my Notifications settings (Mac and Teams), there are no misconfigurations for blocking the calls, so, I don't have any idea about what is skipping the incoming calls for being notified. 


MAC Version and Notifications settings:

MacOS: Sonoma. 14.0 (23A344)

Chip: Apple M2




Teams Version and Notifications Settings:

You have Microsoft Teams version 23247.720.2421.8365.
You've got the latest version. It was last updated on 10/6/2023.
The client version is 50/23092912310.


Thanks in advance! 


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I am also having this issue and my setting are the same. Let me know if you get an update. I'm following this thread.
I'm having the same issue with all notifications, not just calls. No sound on Mac notifications. Sonoma 14.2 MacBook Air M2
Not for this reason, only 'cause I wanted to do it, I restored my whole machine and installed everything from the beginning. After doing it, the New Teams is showing me correctly the notifications.

I'm not saying everyone should restore the whole machine, but indeed, there is something with the previous Teams version that blocks the notifications for the new version, so, if you find a way to remove all the previous Teams configurations, probably it will help to solve the issue with the New Teams version.

I'm also following this thread for an update - I'm missing a lot of calls. The only way for me to see missed calls is by clicking the "calls" tab.