New Loop Meeting Notes Feature

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Hi, as anyone tested the new teams meeting notes feature (using Loop) and the impact when the organizer leaves the company (guess that loop files stored in organizer OneDrive will go away with embeded notes, tasks etc.)? I was told (from a MVP) when you have a co-organizer and the organizer account is disabled (and OneDrive), the co-organizer will become the meeting organizer and the loop files will be transfered to the new organizer OneDrive.... I'm trying to find documentation on this but can't find it...

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@Martin Coupal It is my understanding that if a meeting organizer leaves the company, the meeting becomes "orphaned" and the Loop files will be deleted.


Quoting from Overview of Loop components in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem | Microsoft Learn:


What happens if the owner of the file leaves the company?

OneDrive retention policies apply to the .loop files just as they do to other content created by the user.

There is a "Change Meeting Organizer" item in the Microsoft Feedback Portal with a status of "We're working on this", which confirms that this is not currently possible. Change Meeting Organizer · Community (

Ok, this is what I expected. So unless you have a retention policy on loop files in OneDrive that keeps them for a long period of time you will loose the loop files after 30 days... And the ability to change the meeting organizer does not imply they will also move the loop files... So I will warn my customers regarding this new meeting note feature. It will be ok when they will provide the ability to store meeting notes loop files in SharePoint (using channel meeting for exemple). I'm not sure most users understand the impact of using this feature...