New channel experience vertical cut off

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I just noticed with the new channel experience, that there is a height restriction to each message.

Users need to explicitly select "see more" to see the full message.
While I understand the motivation behind that, I think it is a big problem for adaptive cards.

They tend to be longer and have important content at the bottom of the card. E.g. the action buttons reside there. Users will now miss parts of a larger adaptive card and will not see the response options or can use them with on click.


As an example, look at this praise. By default I can not see the praise or to whom it goes. 
I am really concerned about how this impacts interactivity with cards and user satisfaction (no one wants to always click "see more" at a card to reach the action buttons).

Is there anything that can be done here? To whom does this feedback need to be addressed?

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 07.49.07.png

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@jocsch - Sorry for delay in response.

could you please confirm whether you are facing the same issue in existing channel as well?


Also, please confirm whether you are just trying 1st party Praise app or you are facing same behaviour on you custom app as well?

@ChetanSharma-msft Thanks for coming back. It is a very concerning behaviour.


And yes, I see it also in existing channels and for existing messages in these channels. 
And this happens for every app, including my custom app. 

@jocsch -

This issue is related to Teams product designing. Could you please help by posting this feedback on Microsoft Teams feedback portal.


For Microsoft Teams product issues/failures your tenant Admin can reach out to Microsoft 365 Product Support.

For general questions about Microsoft Teams please post your question on Microsoft Teams Community.

@Meghana-MSFT I have added an issue to the feedback portal:


But I'd really like to do more about this. I think this restriction is a grave mistake in terms of the ecosystem. How can this be brought to the attention of someone who can reconsider this decision/behaviour?


We have raised a bug for this issue. Same issue is being tracked here - Please follow the Github thread for further updates.

@jocsch I agree, this is a bad user experience.

Above and beyond the "...big problem for adaptive cards...", the experience is not always optimal in general use. Far too often I find myself digging through a thread having to notice and then click "see more" just to find information that I know to be in the channel (but can't readily locate via search). I'd LOVE an option to turn this "vertical cut off/see more" feature on/off at will.