New Calendar App replaces Meetings App In Teams, but when?


Roadmap item "Featured ID 48516" is missing in action.  The description says "We'll begin rolling this feature out in early March 2019." The roadmap says it is due for release October of this calendar year.  It is now November 2020.


Can we get an update on the long-awaited improvements to the Calendar app in Teams?

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@Matthew Frahm 


Most users I know have the new experience. Attaching a screenshot from a newly deployed demo tenant (via 




This integrates a lot more smoothly with the Exchange Calendar than previously (such as when it was the old meetings app and you could only see 10 days back and 10 forward)


Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris

I thing the roadmap is simply wrong and the date should be November 2019

@Christopher Hoard 


Perhaps I read elsewhere that there were to be enhancements such as a calendar for each O365 group rather than what we have now.  Let's see, where did I read about that... 


So, I don't consider this roadmap item done nor does it look like Microsoft does.


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Those are not the same thing. They are working on a solutions for calendars. The roadmap item and app on the rail are just a UI improvement, not related to group / shared calendars.

@Chris Webbperhaps, but the roadmap still shows this as in development, not rolled out or rolling out.  

@Christopher Hoard 

Hi, I confirm we already have the calendar app with the create a meeting label. We haven't longer the meetings app.



@Matthew Frahm , Your comment says " It is now November 2020. ", but for some reason the time stamp above your name says 11-01-2019.  Was there a typo in your post, or is the forum time stamp wrong?
I'm curious b/c it is now January 2021, and my organization still doesn't see the calendar app (as a tab, that is; we see "calendars" in the navigation), though per this video it should be available:

There is a brand new Team feature that allows you to add shared calendars to Teams channels and it's called Channel Calendar. No more setting up SharePoint...