Need an easy way to collect screen shots from a group of users through copy and paste not attach

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We are running an alpha UAT with a group of internal users.  The UAT participants are given ~20 test cases and each test case requires them to find an answer to a question in the online product (that is in alpha release) and then answer a few questions about the experience and take a screen shot to show they got the correct answer.  


We are thinking of using Microsoft Forms to collect information about each test case which seems easy and provides a way to export all participant data for all test cases into an excel which is great.  But the challenge we are facing is collecting a screenshot for each test case from the users and associating it with the data collected for each test case.  We know Forms allows the ability to upload a file but these are busy business users and asking them to take a screenshot, save it and upload it is too much to expect and too timely.  Also many users speak English but second language so we need simple instructions. 


So we are thinking of collecting the answers to the questions via forms but collecting the screen shots another way.  


Ideally, we'd like to view all screenshots from all users for a particular test case together but with each identified by the user who submitted it.  Then we can easily validate that the answers are correct plus see if the page layout displays correctly for each user's unique environment (OS, browser, screen resolution,  and with each user's unique data. note: the product is only available via browsers and supported on pc/laptop not phones or tablets). Having all together makes this QA easier. 


Any thoughts on how to do this?


One solution we've thought of: 

Have each user copy and paste their screenshots into an excel file that we send to them.  The excel file would have a tab/worksheet labeled with each test case # and the user would copy the screenshot for a particular test case and paste into the corresponding numbered labeled tab/worksheet in the excel.  And then at the end of the Microsoft Form they would upload the file so it is associated with their answers to the question that they answered via Forms. 


However this doesn't aggregate the screenshots per question and it is a bit cumbersome because the user has to juggle 3 things:  have the Microsoft Form open with the test case instructions and questions to answer, then perform the test case and find the answer in the browser where they are logged into the product, and then take a screenshot that they copy into the excel file.  A lot to juggle.


Any idea to make this easier using Teams?  We have Microsoft Office 365. 


Or open to using a completely different tool for UATs.  Our next phase will be to conduct the UAT with external users who won't have access to our Office 365 environment so need to solve the problem for them as well. Open to 2 different solutions for internal vs external but 1 solution would be ideal. 





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@ldouglas This is really a need for a proper test management platform. For example Azure Dev Ops allows you to create test plans, your testers then use a browser plug in to give them the test, collect their results and including screen shots.

Thanks @Steven Collier. Not sure I could "sell" that as we don't use it today so is added $$ and we use JIRA so much looks like much of what Azure Dev Ops includes wouldn't be used.

@ldouglas Did you find a solution. I have very much the same scenario ahead of me and would love to know what worked for you. Both internal and external