Multiple users using same Teams account for reception

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We have 3 receptionists who are on a rota that use 2 pcs on reception in the office. We like them to use the same teams account so that when they message users it will just come from 'Reception'.


This way when 1 receptionist is not working the others can see replies to any message they've sent. 


The problem is that if one of them is on a call as the reception user it will show them as busy so it will put a 2nd call on hold. 


Is there a solution for this?

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@parisvcr Your M365 user licenses will specifically have terms that prevent you having users that share accounts, and as it's not an allowed position you'll find that the product isn't built to allow it. You may be able to use a common area license to provide a shared phone, but it has some limitations on it's capabilities, see Set up the Common Area Phone license - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn


You should have an account for each station, then you can use a Call Queue to spread calls around between the receptionists that are available. The accounts don't have to have names, Reception 1, Reception 2 will do.