Multiple MS Forms in a Channel

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Hello all,


Thank you for your help on this one.  Really looking for suggestions here.


We have an MS Team and we have multiple (6-10) MS Forms that we are going to use in that one team.  I know I can create tabs for each form, but I think that would get messy with the tabs.  We already have 5-6 tabs we are using.


What would your recommendation be to make this work smoother?  Also, most of the members of the team are Guest accounts with limited access to O365.  They usually access the team through a mobile device, either a tablet or a phone.


I tried adding the form links to the Files Tab, but that makes them download the form then open it.  For them, that is too many steps and confusing.  We need something they can click on and it works.


My first thought was maybe a PowerApp with all the form links? and link the App to a tab?


Thank you again for your suggestions and help.





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What about adding the links to each Form on a Wiki Tab in the channel? Or do the same adding a SharePoint Page Tab where you can add a link to each form or much better, add a Forms WebPart for each Form
Thank you very much Juan. I was trying to go the difficult route and forgot about the simple things. :)