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Hi All, Have a challenge where our company is hosting a meeting (for shareholders) and there will be 20+ people on the call. We have 3-4 speakers who I want to provide the ability to 'present', and have selected "Specific people" from teh drop down menu in the "Metting options" tab.


However I am having a problem selecting a person that has a gmail account for some reason. While the others are all ok.



-This person also has accepted the invite (as I thought that might initially be a problem:

- Have also tried the "co-organizer" option also but same issue appears to arise


Any help greatly appreciated.




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Hi @evanerstich,


For co-organizers, the documentation precises: "Note: Co-organizers must be in the same organization as the meeting organizer, or be using a guest account in the same org."

Add co-organizers to a meeting in Teams - Microsoft Support

=> You can try by adding your users to your tenant as guest (I just confirmed the behavior on my demo tenant)


It may be the same issue for presenter role

Hi Evan,

Seems to be an issue with the Exchange services between Gmail and EXO. Can you remove the user from the Teams Meeting Invite and re-add the user after 24hrs & check if you are able to add the user to the Teams Invite with the presenter rights.

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Satish U