MS Teams / Macbook Pro M1 / Meetings disconnecting

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I am using MS Teams for videoconferencing quiet a lot.But I get disconnected during meetings quiet often.I searched the internet for anything I can do and tried a lot of things.The browser version has the same problem,not only the desktop app.

I am on a Macbook Pro M1 and my internet is 250 / 50 max. (sometimes a little lower).

Anyone experiencing the same problem ? Would be great to find a solution.

Thanks very much



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Having a similar issue. But happening in web version (on Chrome) and in the Mac Teams app. We have a 250/250 fiber DIA circuit.

Similar Problem here on a Mac mini M1, macOS Monterey 12.5, regardless if using Teams App or Teams Website in Edge Browser (newest Version respectively).
The internet connection can be ruled out as a cause because other users in the office (both windwos and macOS) use teams without problems.


Same issue here with same machine/OS. Teams stays open, it just drops the meeting with a message saying "We ran into a problem, try again in a few minutes"
My colleagues and I using Macbook Pro M1's started having this issue this week too. Calls are constantly dropping and just displaying the error "We ran into a problem, try again in a few minutes."

@MiTa143 I have macbook pro (intel processor) and a mac mini (m1 processor) both are having major stability issues which have increased significantly over the last few weeks.    "We ran into a problem.  Please try again later".   These issues happen both at home and in the office,  so doesn't seem connected to internet connectivity.