MS Teams - Call regularly disconnecting

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Hi guys


We have MS Teams configured in our corporate environments on Win 10 machines. For the past couple of weeks, more and more users are experiencing frequent disconnects while being on a call.


I've attached the error these users see when this happens. 


Proxy is bypassed so there is no issue there. Have there been any Teams updates in the past few weeks? Also, is there anything I could check on the client side to give me a clue as to what's happening?


Many thanks in advance


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Hello @billycee  I did a search of past posts in this community and found several that could apply to your situation.  There are a couple of solutions offered in this post, but feel free to do your own search to review the other posts that  may apply:

Same here. 


Sorry to say but this app while seemingly mature and this issue known for over a year, if it can not work out of the box on installation current day and age, is not ready for prime-time use.


Too bad, video looked great but the connection dropping at the start of interview.. bad experience and just not acceptable. 


I have this problem also, every incoming call is being disconnected within one second of accepting the call (having 1 sec. of audio and video). The only way to solve this is to Quit Teams in the taskbar and start the program again. Then it works again without a problem.
But at having essential calls, this buggy behavior/phenomenon is not desired!
Using version 1.300.30866 (64bit) 11/19/20
Is this problem known but still not solved yet?