MS Teams Black screen when sharing or on video

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I have a Dell XPS 13 9310 that is on on Windows 10 @21H1. When i am on WiFi and when trying to do a screen share or even just turn video on all that people see is a black screen, but if i am on an Ethernet connect it will work. I have tried reinstalling teams, disabling GPU in teams settings, updating webcam drivers, uninstall and reinstall wifi drivers. but nothing is working.


Does anyone have any other ideas?

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have you went through any settings that may interact with your situation? have you maybe checked your device maintenance? im not familiar with using Ethernet but it does seem curious that it works with that & not other, if you want contact me with more information & i will try best to help you figure out a solution & if not i hope your able to figure it out yourself ' :folded_hands: