MS teams app not displaying the app icon

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Hi everyone, having trouble with a custom teams app not displaying the app icon or its so dark and hard to see  and this happend on Teams desktop and client version 


Screenshot 2022-05-16 142349.png



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I've never done this but most likely you're not using the right format/pixels. These are detailed here

@AH123260 did you ever find a way to resolve this issue?

I'm having it with one of my Power Apps apps that I've added to Teams

Sometimes, usually on first load, the icon shows correctly but subsequently it shows as dark and you can barely see the icon

Hi guys,
I think we do have two problems here:
1. Icons don't appear. More information here:

2. Icons are grayed out: Had the same problem. I was able to solve it after checking for Microsoft requirements for an icon like this:
It says "The icon must be 32x32 pixels. It can be white with a transparent background or transparent with a white background (no other colors are permitted). The outline icon should not have any extra padding around the symbol." Anything else got grayed out for me as well. It worked after using a white icon with transparent background.