MS Teams account tied to personal email: can't access Administrator Panel, can't change avatars etc.

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I have Microsoft Teams account, where the account of the company I work for is created. The account is tied to my personal email. I created this company account about a year ago, back then the system allowed me to register a company not from a corporate email.

Now, in the context of remote work, colleagues joined this company at Microsoft Teams. They have a need to communicate with other companies. In order to make the communication more comfortable and convenient, we all need to change the profile pictures to those where the company logo will be displayed. But the system does not allow this. An error is displayed during image replacement: We were unable to upload your image. We tried different formats and image resolutions. It did not help. 

We would also like to transfer the company account to corporate email in order to use paid features in the future. But I can’t enter the Administrator Panel, because the company is registered to a personal email address (if I understand right).

Microsoft technical support in chats and on the phone can’t help, they switch to each other and send to the Administrator Panel, which I can’t enter for the reasons described above.

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