Missing video in Teams meeting recording

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2021-12-13 - Recorded a global town hall with our leadership.  It was my meeting, I selected the presenters, etc.  After the first few seconds, the video images of our presenter disappear leaving only the PowerPoint slides.  There were fewer only four presenters, only our CEO was on screen and her image is missing for the remainder of the session.  Spotlight for all users was used but I don't believe it gets recorded.  Should be unrelated, but my session statistics were good.  This only appears in the recording.  The live session was as expected.

Anyone else experience this?

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Hi @Roo Dunn I know this isn't a direct answer to your question, but you might want to try the troubleshooting suggestions in this document: Issues with meeting recordings - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Anyone else in the community have a direct response to his issue?

Thank you for that. It is not related. As a data point, a successive conference for a large group encountered no issues. I am waiting on MSFT to respond with details to the service ticket.

That said, this was a live broadcast that was recorded. At this level there is no room for MSFT to say "we don't know what happened", or "its just a glitch". That is not an adequate answer at this level.

Eagerly waiting on the ticket to receive follow up.


Thank you!

@Roo Dunn Did you ever hear back from MSFT? I'm in a similar situation via a recorded Teams meeting. 

@robertpoissant -  The answer was confirmation that the incidient occured and to what it related.  Their had been a change in the background which had an unexpected and, clearly, undesirable effect.  While this did not give me back the recording that I needed, it was very nice to have a fairly complete answer.  /DUNN.