Missing notifications while presenting in Teams

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I am having issues with getting notifications while I am presenting on MS Teams. Windows / Teams recognizes the presentation mode and turns off all notifications including emails / meetings etc. because of which I missed many meetings. I heard the same from few of my colleagues as well, I could not find an option to override disabling notifications while on presentation mode. 

Can someone help with this? 



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I have the same problem. I am constantly missing meetings, because my Outlook event reminders window does not come to the foreground. I am frequently the presenter in Teams meetings.

I actually think I might have found a solution. I'll play around with it, but I had to change a setting in Outlook.

1. Open Outlook
2. Go to "Files" and then choose "Options".
3. Go to the "Advanced" options.
4. In the "Reminders" section, check mark "Show reminders on top of other windows"
5. Click "OK" in the Outlook options window.

I joined a meeting and presented. While presenting, I added an event to my Outlook calendar. I was able to get the Outlook reminder window to pop up in the foreground while presenting with Teams. I'll keep this enabled for a while to see if this fixes the issue and post back later.