Missed Call Notifications - Call Queue

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Does anyone know how we can get Microsoft to take note of the lack of missed call notifications on call queues? There are many many complaints about this on the feedback portal but the issue has been open for months with no responses. 



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@Martin-17 Voting for it will be your best option.


The product Team are aware, and do have a plan to address it among many other priorities and dependencies. Every few months they have to review their plans with leaders who then ask them awkward questions based on the most voted for features on that list, making sure they are respecting everyone's wishes.


So it will come, and the way to make that sooner is getting it onto their leaders radar with more votes.

Thanks Steven, appreciate the response.

My main concern is its a pretty basic PBX feature which is lacking from Teams at the moment as per the comments, its easy to see is causing a lot of companies and IT admins to consider other options for phone system.

There has been a large amount of tickets raised with 365 support about this as the agents I speak to say it gets reported a lot. along with the activity on the feedback portal its just disappointing not to have an official response from Microsoft on this.