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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Microsoft Teams won't allow me to sign in with another account

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I was previously using teams for high school, but now since I enrolled into college they require us to use the same platform. I reinstalled the app, cleared the cache(because it still remembered my email from high school) and cannot log in. At launch it gives me a prompt to sign in with my old account or sign in with a new one. Obviously I press the latter option and its stuck on a white screen with the logo on it and in the bottom corner it says "Loading Microsoft Teams". I've left it like that for a few hours but no good. I can't even sign in on the website too, I click on the option to sign in with a new account and it refreshes the page and THE OPTION TO LOG IN WITH ANOTHER ACCOUNT IS GONE.

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Please try this
win+r --> %appdata% --> local ---> Teams folder remove.
it might be a cache problem.
how did you reinstall the app?
Also please try to unlink previous MS account from settings ---> Accounts


Thank you very much! I added my account by going through Settings > Accounts, cleared the cache, and when I rebooted teams my account was there in the prompt and I simply selected it.


Very quick and helpful response!

Dear @Barko20
You are always welcome!
Glad to hear that it helped you :)