Microsoft Teams won't allow me to sign in with another account

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I was previously using teams for high school, but now since I enrolled into college they require us to use the same platform. I reinstalled the app, cleared the cache(because it still remembered my email from high school) and cannot log in. At launch it gives me a prompt to sign in with my old account or sign in with a new one. Obviously I press the latter option and its stuck on a white screen with the logo on it and in the bottom corner it says "Loading Microsoft Teams". I've left it like that for a few hours but no good. I can't even sign in on the website too, I click on the option to sign in with a new account and it refreshes the page and THE OPTION TO LOG IN WITH ANOTHER ACCOUNT IS GONE.

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Please try this
win+r --> %appdata% --> local ---> Teams folder remove.
it might be a cache problem.
how did you reinstall the app?
Also please try to unlink previous MS account from settings ---> Accounts


Thank you very much! I added my account by going through Settings > Accounts, cleared the cache, and when I rebooted teams my account was there in the prompt and I simply selected it.


Very quick and helpful response!

Dear @Barko20
You are always welcome!
Glad to hear that it helped you :)

@Barko20  I am facing the same issue . I changed one company to another & I am still getting old company login page & no any setting >account option on my MacBook Pro teams to add another accounts .

Tried uninstall & install but still not helpful .
Please advise .


I had 3 different accounts working just fine until last week, then poof, something changed and one of them disappeared. I have no option to clear a cache in my settings nor the ability to "add a new" account. Very frustrating that I had no issues moving between accounts for 2 years and then suddenly problems

hi, did you manage to sort this out? my account is also linked to my uni account and doesn't get my an option to log out.

@carterstewart I had to log out of my "personal" hotmail login, and then it let me add my 2nd "work" account. Though one is actually a work account and the other is for a not-for-profit that I volunteer with.

Up till last week, I was able to have all 3 accounts and just flip between them.

1. Press Command + space

2. Enter: ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams

3. Delete the file


Good luck!

I have the same issue changed company Teams wants me to login with old company e-mail.  i tried re-installing--didn't work, same request. I don't have a/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams path. only up to Microsoft.  



@Barko20 hi! How do I clear the cache once I go to Settings, Accounts?

I'm on a Mac. @Barko20 Same issue here. I've tried deleting and redownloading Teams, but it still pops up using my previous college account and will not allow me to bypass it. 

I just used this and then reopened Microsoft Teams. Seemed to do the trick. Thanks!

This was Super helpful when I realized I have to delete the whole teams folder, thank you so much @Waisze