Microsoft Teams Theme Icon Does not Update

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For some reason, every time I try to change the icon associated to a Teams group, it either doesn't update, reverts to the default (i.e. no icon) or it randomly changes to another icon. Odd thing is, when I go back in to re-select the icon, it's already picked, so I can't update it again despite it being the wrong icon.


I've tried logging out and logging back in and I've tried from a fresh browser but still no luck. Changing icons seems to have a 2/10 chance of working.


Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue is or how to fix it?

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Hi @CMcAuliffe   Are you able to do it in the Web Browser version?  



Thanks, I'm currently working on the browser version, but this problems persists on the app version as well. I've tried removing the disabled part of the HTML, but that hasn't solved the issue; I think that Teams has updated the way icons are added in since then. It's seems to know what I icon I want but it doesn't pull it up properly.

Hi @CMcAuliffe  I found this older thread on our Answers tech support site.  Not sure if it will work for you: Adding a picture to the team and profile - Microsoft Community


Also, take a look at the Best Response in this past discussion thread from this community: Re: Cant change Team picture !! - Microsoft Tech Community


Hope there's a solution in there somewhere.  If not,  I recommend going to directly, where agents can troubleshoot your issue until resolution.

Thanks, I'll give a go.
I've found I have the same exact issue. Did you solve it?
Unfortunately not, even the default Microsoft profile pictures are very buggy and don't show up or update half the time. Ive given up on that as of now, hopefully there can be a fix sometime in the future.

@CMcAuliffe Hi, did you find a solution for this matter maybe?
it's a shame this still happens. I have this issue since 2020.

@SergioSelotiJr-RBS unfortunately not, weve since given up on setting classroom icons (we have around 215+ classes). It's a shame that a simple feature of switching icons to Microsoft's own selection of images is so buggy.

Try a PNG file < 20 KB and 90x90 pixels

Icons > 20 KB do not appear to work

@TomCuffe Thank you so much - resizing with a small icon solved my issue!