Microsoft Teams on Linux ARM64

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Hi all,


I am curious to know if there will be an arm64 version of Teams in the near furture. I would need it, as we (my company) deployed 80 Raspberry Pi 4's for home office use, due to the somewhat special situation at the moment. We are running Ubuntu Server 19.10 at the moment and it would be great to have teams usable.

I have seen that there are files in the Microsoft repository for ARM64 but the package seems to be empty. Edit: Here is the link to the repository:

If there is anything I missed please correct it! :)


2. Edit: I musst have missed the fact that there is support of Teams on Google Chrome since v72, but we as a company would definetly prefer a desktop client for ARM. (By the way armhf would be great too.)


Kind regards

P.S.: The web version doesn't really work out for us, due to the fact that there is no Edge version for Linux at the moment.

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Any update on this request.

I also need the support of MS teams with amd64 client

Here's a recent thread from Twitter...
It is coming but no date.
The team is currently testing.

@stratus  Hello All

I know i am replying late and by now you must have already got some solution but still....


I installed Raspberry PI OS and installed teams-for-linux from


This is working nicely. Actually giving a Web View of the app but seems ok as an low cost alternative.


I was finding a solution for students who don't have laptops & buying a smartphone might be more costly they can use Raspberry PI and connect it with TV (assuming commonly available) using HDMI cable. USB keyboard and mouse will cost less then 8$ in India.


So overall the PI will solve online classes issue and will work as nice portable machine to do python and other programming language practice also which are introduced in course for grade 8th and above.

@stratusand everyone else, I am new to this whole Raspberry Pi and ARM64 jargon but I think this is along the lines of what you are looking for. It was released last friday (October 16th, 2020). If it is, could you confirm. I am looking to build some remote devices for work but need Teams to run on a Raspberry Pi to get approval.     


Tony Redmond Posted -


Which gives a link to here: 



@Eischens , is not the answer for running Teams on RaspberryPi -- is is about running Teams on Microsoft ARM-based hardware (


For Teams on Raspberry PI, description:


@azcloudOnce if I have installed teams for linux, it wasn't because I have arm architecture on my Raspberry pi 4. In terminal, it was saying that we don't support arm64 version but supports armhf and amd64 versions. This is only my problem I was installing ubuntu 20.04 amd64 on raspberry but not working. I also tried ubuntu core 20 but only blank screen.