Microsoft Teams News: Wiki Page Retiring in January 2024 & There Are Things You Must Do


Before saying "Peace Out" to Wiki Page in January 2024, you must do some things

This in-depth video discusses what to expect, Microsoft's timelines, and a guide to completing the transition.

Now, you can work your magic - efficiently!


  • Video Date January 20: Peace Out
  • Updated Video February 27: Revised Timelines 
  • Date: 3/21/2023: Download Wiki from SharePoint 
    If you want a backup of your Wiki Pages, this video shows you how to download Teams Wiki Pages from SharePoint to your local drive. Once the files are downloaded, then open the Wiki files in Microsoft Word. Note: This process should NOT replace Microsoft's requirement to export Wiki Page to OneNote. 


Date: 4/30/2023

Tips and insights on Exporting Teams Wiki to OneNote



5/14/2023 "Perfect Wiki for Teams" App: A Microsoft Teams Wiki Alternative


In this thread, several users were searching for an alternative wiki app.  I conducted a review on the "Perfect Wiki for Teams" app.  It is a great app! Check out the video.

Perfect Wiki App Review v1.png





You have less than 2.5 months to comply with the Wiki Page Retiring in April. This video provides what to expect and an action guide to transition from Wiki to OneNote. MICROSOFT REVISED TIMELINE: JANUARY 2024 (See video for details. Updated on February 27, 2023) 9/22/2023 Update Thumbnail as a ...
Application Review: Perfect Wiki is the ultimate choice to replace Microsoft Teams Wiki or OneNote. Act Fast. Microsoft Teams Wiki retires in January 2024. Application Discount: 5% Promo Code: TRACCreations-2023 Valid through: December 31, 2023 Website: Affiliate ...
This video addresses your concerns about export your Microsoft Teams Wiki to OneNote before it gets retired. I'll share some valuable insights and tips that will guide you through the process with ease. Since there are limited Microsoft resources available on this important update, let's stay ...
Microsoft has revised the Wiki Page's retiring date based on users' feedback. Microsoft also responded to the users' questions. And it's covered in this video. 0:00 Introduction 0:40 Microsoft Reason for Retiring the Wiki Page 1:02 Phase I Retiring Update 1:54 Phase II Retiring Update 2:12 Phase ...
In this helpful video, you'll learn how to download your Teams Wiki Page from SharePoint to your computer, so you can keep a BACKUP copy. Note: This step does not replace Microsoft's requirement to export Wiki Pages to OneNote by the January 2024 retirement date. Nevertheless, you'll be shown ...
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Thank you for the information.

With Regards,
Satish U
Hey, how about wiki pages libraries in SharePoint, are they also being retired?



Microsoft has revised the timeline.  Check out this video.

Microsoft has revised the Wiki Page's retiring date based on users' feedback. Microsoft also responded to the users' questions. And it's covered in this video. 0:00 Introduction 0:40 Microsoft Reason for Retiring the Wiki Page 1:02 Phase I Retiring Update 1:54 Phase II Retiring Update 2:12 Phase ...
best response confirmed by Karuana Gatimu (Microsoft)


REVISED: Regarding the Wiki Libraries in SharePoint, the wiki pages will remain on SharePoint. However, the Wiki Page and App are not available in January 2024. 

I created a video on exporting the Wiki libraries content to a zip file and opening the pages into a Word file as a BACKUP. It will be available later this week. I will update this post with the link when it is available.


Stay tuned.




@_J-K_ SharePoint Wiki Libraries are not covered by this announcement, and there have not been any other announcements about them.


Hi Teresa,


Would you mind to share the original document that talks about this? Thanks.


@DracoLLSS / @Steven Collier / @_J-K_ 


Guys, the data will remain on SharePoint but the Wiki Page and App are not available effective Jan 2024. MS also mentioned, users can download files from SharePoint. FYI: I had tested it.  I was able to bulk export per channel the Wiki Libraries' content to a zip file and open the wiki page files in Word Doc. One concerned area; it is not intuitive where the images were placed on the pages. (I hope this helps. By the way, if you need help with converting wiki pages, inbox me.)


Here is the MS Post date Feb 21.  


Updated February 17, 2023: Based on customer feedback we have updated the content with FAQs. Thank you for your feedback.

We are announcing that Wiki's will be retired from Teams. We are offering note taking capabilities through Teams Channels powered by OneNote.

When this will happen:

The following change will be rolled out starting early March.

How this affects your organization:

With this release, users have an option to export their wiki content to OneNote notebooks in Teams standard channel. After exporting users can go to the Notes tab to collaborate using OneNote in channels.


Upcoming plans

Soon Notes tabs powered by OneNote will be added by default when users create new channels. For now, users can create OneNote tabs manually using the add tab experience (via +).

We will share out the details of Wiki retirement in advance to help our customers prepare for this change.

What you can do to prepare:

We urge users to export their channel wikis to OneNote once it is available.

If your organization has not enabled OneNote you can review this documentation:


Why is Teams retiring wiki?

  • Our users’ needs for note taking are evolving every day and the current capabilities & infrastructure of Wiki will not be able to cater to those needs in future. We understand that moving away from wiki is a difficult change and we want to help our users throughout the changes.

How can I take notes in channels after this change?

  • New channels will now come with a OneNote notebook (M365 brand for note taking). OneNote brings goodness of richer formatting, better organization, search within OneNote app and keeps the experience consistent across M365.  

When & how are we retiring Wiki?

  • Stage 1 – (Timeline – early March 2023) Users won't be able to create new wikis, but they can continue to access (read/write) their existing wiki. Users also have the option to export their content to OneNote. Once users export their content to OneNote, the Wiki is available as read only. 
    • After exporting, each wiki in a channel appears as separate section in OneNote and each Wiki page will be a separate page in OneNote. 
  • Stage 2 – (Timeline – Mid CY23) Wiki tab in channel will not be supported; users will be easily able access (read/write) content in Wiki app. Users can also export their content to OneNote. 
  • Stage 3 – (Timeline – Jan 2024) Wikis tab and wiki App wouldn't be able to accessible in Teams and users wouldn't be able to export. Users can download their wiki files from SharePoint.

What happens to my existing data?

  • Your data is accessible from SharePoint as per retention policy even after Wiki is deprecated. You can download wiki content from SharePoint.

Does end user need to export wiki one by one or in bulk?

  • End users will have to export wikis one by one per Wiki tab. If there are more than wiki tabs in a channel, then users will have to export them separately. Users can export their wiki by visiting Wiki tab.

Who can export Wiki to Notes?

  • Any team member who has access to add/remove tab in a channel can export their Wiki.

Is there a bulk export option available at tenant level?

  • No, users can export their wikis as per their convenience.

Known limitation:

  • OneNote notes only work in Default (Light) and High contrast mode.

@Teresa_Cyrus SharePoint Wiki page libraries are not the same as the Teams Wiki, there is no connection apart from the confusing names.


Teams wiki is stored in a hidden list in SharePoint, but is only useable from Teams, this is not the same as a SharePoint wiki library. SharePoint Wiki Page Libraries are not being depreciated, here is the support article about them Create and edit a wiki - Microsoft Support

Thanks for the reminder. I am so anxious about converting these MS Teams Wiki that are stored in SharePoint that I forgot about SharePoint Wikis Sites.

So I don't know Microsoft plans for those.

I'm working on this subject for my company, I understand what is the "wiki tab" in the Teams client, but what is the "wiki app" ?

Because when I read the different stages of the retirement , for "stage 2" i understand the main difference is that wiki tab will be unavailable, while wiki app will not .

Or maybe I understood wrongly, as english is not my primary language (i'm french)

Thank for any additionnal information

Same Q here:
Is that (in english version) the "tab" (german: "Registerkarte")?...


und this the "app"?



@Roman Buchwald @ogouret 


While in Teams, the Wiki App will not be listed when you select + then choose from a list of Apps.




Thanks but sorry. Many of us still dont get it:
You say that the Wiki as a tab does not appear automaticly pressing +. Alright. In April?
Do you say further: That it will be still possible to just search for the app Wiki? Till Summer? But thats still the tab!?!?

Can you please tell us in other words whats happens in summer using the words "App" and "tab"? Is there any difference beside autmatic appearence?
You dont mean this, right?


Thanks and sorry. Prob its simple
Regards from GER

@Roman Buchwald 


The Wiki App is the Icon which is used to add a Wiki Tab to MS Teams.

The clickable Wiki Tab located at the top of the MS Team Channel Ribbon contains many Wiki Pages of your content.



Phase 1: Starting in April through Dec 31, 
1) Users can not create any new Wiki Tab/Pages which uses the Wiki App icon to add the tab/pages. The Wiki app icon is still listed in the app list but with limited functionality.
2) A banner to export content to OneNote will appear in Teams Channel. Once the Wiki Page is converted to OneNote, the Wiki Tab/Pages becomes readonly.

Phase 2: In the summer,
1) MS will no longer support Wiki App and Wiki Tab/Pages. If something goes wrong, you can not call MS to fix it. My thoughts are start exporting sooner than later in case, you need help.

2) Everything I mentioned in Phase 1 applies.

Phase 3: Jan 2024.

1) The Wiki App icon and Wiki Tab/Pages will be LOCKED or HIDDEN from Team Channel ribbon.

2) Users can not read/write/export the content in the Wiki Tab/Pages from MS Teams. You can only download content from SharePoint. 

3) The Wiki App icon will not be listed in the app list.  

I hope this helps.  



Thx @Teresa_Cyrus 
esp. the detail about the support.
I think this sentence in original Phase 2 MS-description is not proper at least confusing: "users will be easily able access (read/write) content in Wiki app."
But you helped here.
I will multiplicate that to all public broadcasters admins in GER.

@Roman Buchwald 

I am glad I was able to help. Please like the previous post so it can help others with the same question.


Hi @Teresa_Cyrus

Do you know if the links from 1 wiki section to another convert properly or do these need to be corrected too?


I still don't see the option to migrate to Teams Wiki to OneNote. Getting a little nervous that it's not there yet!

Hi @KathyROI 


A lot of folks are anxious to get started with converting to OneNote. I checked the message center, MS has not posted any updates since Mar 17th. I wonder if we will see the banner by the second week of April.


Obviously, I have not tested with the actual exporting tool. However, I suspect the links will carry over with a problem. As soon as the exporting tool is available - trust and believe - I will complete a thorough test again. :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you for your inquiry about the links.  It prompted me to test the other attributes on the Wiki Page. Here are my learnings with exporting Wiki Pages from SharePoint to a zip file and then opening with MS Word.  

On Teams Wiki Page, I created:

  • internal links within & outside of a channel
    • MS Word retained the links
  • external links
    • MS Word retained the links
  • Used the following attributes: strikethrough, yellow highlighter, red and bold font, quote and inserted a table. 
    • MS Word did not keep the yellow highlighter or the color font; everything else was fine.

I encourage you to watch the Download from SharePoint video. I share my concerns about the images. The link is in the original post above. 


MS Word Results


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