Microsoft Teams Exploratory

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At Microsoft there is subscription called "Microsoft Teams Exploratory"

I can't quite figure out what you might need it for.

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Oh! What can I do for learning new version Excel?
However, I have never met such problem.

Hi @omniaslmn_11,

Microsoft Teams Exploratory is a subscription plan offered by Microsoft as part of its Microsoft 365 suite. It is designed to provide temporary access to Microsoft Teams for users who do not have a paid Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Teams.

Teams Exploratory is primarily targeted at individuals or small businesses who want to explore and evaluate the capabilities of Microsoft Teams before committing to a full Microsoft 365 subscription. It allows users to experience the core features of Teams and understand how it can enhance collaboration and communication within their organization.

Here are some key points about Microsoft Teams Exploratory:

1. Trial Period: Microsoft Teams Exploratory provides a trial period of up to one year for eligible users.

2. Core Features: Users with Teams Exploratory can access essential features of Microsoft Teams, including chat, video meetings, file sharing, and collaboration in Teams channels.

3. Limitations: Teams Exploratory is not meant to be a long-term solution, and it has some limitations compared to paid Microsoft 365 plans. It does not include advanced features like data loss prevention (DLP), advanced compliance capabilities, or phone system integration.

4. Availability: Teams Exploratory is available in certain regions and may have eligibility requirements. It is best to check the official Microsoft documentation or consult with your Microsoft representative to confirm availability in your area.

5. Transition to Paid Plans: At the end of the trial period, users with Teams Exploratory will need to transition to a paid Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Microsoft Teams to continue using the service.

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