Microsoft teams doesn't detect camera

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Camera works fine in every other app except microsoft teams (desktop), I have tried in both my personal and school account and neither works, not even with another external camera. 3-5 days ago I contacted Microsoft Support who assisted my case but found no success, by trying to delete teams and reinstalling it, by deleting the cache folder, by reinstalling my camera drivers, and so on, idk what to do, 2 days ago they escalated my case and made me wait 48 hours to tell me that I had to contact support here, tbh idk what to do, I got school and im kinda stressed. And yes before anyone asks im in the latest version of windows... Sidenote: Also idk why but it seems like if microsoft teams didnt want to have access to the camera? I have every app camera permisions on.

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Have you tried to download the latest version of drivers from the manufacture of your camera? Also, could you please let us to know what is the exactly the camera model you're using?

@Little_Joe Yes I have, I even tried using other web cameras that I have but none work, I also checked that they were usb 2.0 and they were. My main camera model is a huryfox b088npz4wc, the camera works fine with every app except teams.

Have you tried to using MS Teams web version to make a video call?
Yes, it works perfectly there
This seems related to the camera drivers... I think you should check the website of the manufacture to install the latest version of drivers then retry. As I can tell this camera is pretty cheap one so the drivers may not fully compatible with Teams.
Nope, I have already tried resetting/uptading drivers, I also checked compatibility and its supposed to be fine, I found a temporary workaround in this post that was recently posted by a person that has the same problem as me:, im starting to think this an app problem and its not from my end