Microsoft Meetings set up in Outlook - shows up as Unscheduled in meeting options

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Created a Microsoft Teams meeting from Outlook. When I try to change the meeting options, it says it is an unscheduled meeting, therefore I cannot assigned my presenters.


Anyone else have this problem? 

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Yes, one instance. I'm trying to resolve. I guess it makes you feel better ot not be alone, but I don't know. I'll have to attend the meeting and assign presenters once the meeting starts. People have accepted and it appears the invite is good.


That's a bit of a pain if the meetings fall outside of regular work hours. The only other solution i've been able to test, is adding myself as an attendee to the meeting and changing the status of the meeting to "Busy" in outlook. Refreshed the meeting options and it becomes scheduled instead of unscheduled.

Go figure.

@Kymbertranai: This has been happening to me about 50% of the time for about a week now.

I think it may have to do with conflicts with other meetings, but I still have to test.  Very annoying.  As a work around, I need join the meeting ahead of time and "promote" my presenter to the appropriate status.

If anyone finds a fix, please post!

@PierreAC Yes, same here! It only started about a week ago - I never had any problems before. I thought it was because I was updating my Outlook responses to Not required. I find that if your presenter has not accepted the meeting invite, you cannot add them as your specific presenter on MS Teams. This only started happening to me as well. 


I guess for now i'll have to join the meetings and change the roles manually. 



I have the exact same problem.  This is very hit or miss. Maybe 50%


Teams Meeting created in outlook. Invitees with both 'distribution lists' and individuals in the 'required'.  Send the meeting to invitees.  Many invitees accepted, including specifically invited individuals who will be presenters. 


REopen meeting. Access meeting options.


Meeting options shows it's an unscheduled meeting.  I am unable to 'assign' people in my org to be presenters.


This is a HUGE bug in my book.