Microphone not working when I close down Teams

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My Microphone stops working the second I go out of a meeting in teams. its like Teams overrules my system and wont let me use my microphone. not even my software for my microphone works after. it works as soon as I go to a meeting again.
I have a Steelseries Artics pro wireless, and I cant get the mic working without a Meeting on going.
plz help me

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Seems strange! The default audio device can differ from Teams and you operating system! Make sure that your OS have the the correct setting! I’d also check for updated drivers for you mic.


@JannikMortensen I have this exact same issue, just happened earlier today, with my HyperX cloud Alpha headset. Mic have been working flawlesly the last year, then I use teams and now no matter what I do I can't get my mic working again. (except for when I start a teams call)
Edit: It seems it was muting my microphone when I exited the call, try going to Sound Control Panel>your mic>volume and ensure it's unmuted and at 100%. If that doesn't work try going to the "Communications" tab in the sound control panel and ensure it's at "Do nothing".