Mention people in the comments of Tasks

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How do you mention someone in the comments section of a task? I've seen other queries about this dating back to 2017, and in 2019 Microsoft said they are working on it... so has this been done?


Example: My colleague and I have been assigned a task - to upload content onto the website. In the checklist it notes my colleague will write the content, and then I will upload it. I'm trying to tag her in my comment to say, "@ let me know when the copy is ready for me to upload." Is there actually no way to do this?

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Unfortunately, there are not advances on this feature and not news to share
This is needed - even if only able to @ people already on the task, it would be a huge improvement!

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín 


I note that this post is from last year. Is there any news on this feature for the comments section of Tasks? 

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Do you know if there has been any word on adding the ability to mention someone in a Planner task? I find it a little sad that I can mention someone in their tech community but not in program that is supposed to be used for project collaboration. If they don't want to add the mention ability, can Microsoft just go ahead and buy out Asana and add to the software stack? 

@JVanno , @Juan Carlos González Martín 


Add me to the list of Teams users utterly perplexed why we cannot tag a team member in the Task comments, or at the very least have anyone assigned to the Task be notified when there's a comment posted. Is Microsoft addressing this with the big revamp planned for this Spring??

Surely this has to be implemented soon? I also use Asana and it is the main way my team communicates through this app. WHY isn't this a feature of Teams inside Tasks??? Does anyone know how to request this directly to the MS development team? @JVanno, @Juan Carlos González Martín
And yet it is possible in the forum. Any news about this?
Can't believe this is not possible.... Do MS staff use their own tools internally?