Meetings in channels are missing notes and whiteboard...

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When creating a meeting from within a channel, the meeting not behaving like other meetings from the calendar:


- The meeting notes are not available without joining the meeting

- Meeting notes are saved in a wiki on the channel and not on the meeting (what a stupid solution!)

- Deleting the meeting note wiki, deletes the note for any meeting

- The whiteboard are not available unless you are in the meeting. Not possible to see it afterwards.

- The meeting are not added to the chat.

- Opening the meeting from the calendar, the "meeting notes" and "whiteboard" tab are missing.


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The Meeting notes should be available after the meeting as detailed in this article - If this is not your experience then I'd suggest opening a ticket with Microsoft.

Also, the notes opening in the Wiki page is the expected experience - also detailed in the article.

@PeterRising I had this same issue on Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022. There are no tabs for Whiteboard or Meeting Notes. These need to be available during the meeting (notes after the fact are not as helpful as notes taken during the meeting) in order to take notes to access after the meeting. All of the Teams meetings I schedule (and others in my org) on individual Teams calendars have these tabs. In my case, I planned to use the Whiteboard for an engaging experience at the beginning of the meeting. 

I will check User Voice, or submit as feedback via Teams (however MS is collecting info these days), though my workaround plan is to try inserting a Teams meeting link from my personal calendar into the notes for the Channel meeting that is already scheduled (for employees to attend a training, where I am the trainer). My reason for posting the event in the Channel calendar is so that everyone in the org (all employees are in this Team) get the invite without me having to add All-Staff to a calendar invite which forces them to decline if they do not wish to attend (inefficient use of time when only 20 out of 500 employees will attend a training, which is also recorded and made available to all).