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I'm part of a small non-profit organization, and we are looking for a solution that allows us to:

  • Host meetings for more than 150+ people by sharing only a link. It's important for us to keep it super simple, as this webinar is primarily for people aged 60 and above, so it needs to be easy for them to join.
  • Have the ability to record meetings.

I'm wondering if Microsoft Teams will fulfill these requirements, and if so, which "Tier" of Microsoft Teams is required (I'm not very familiar with Microsoft Teams).

I've seen that there are some non-profit offers available for organizations like ours - However, I'm still unsure about which tier will meet our requirements, so I would appreciate some help in this matter. :)

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@Rafal94 hi, if you just want to share a link, then you could just use the free (Grant) version. If you also need meeting attendee records, you may want to double check that they’re available in that free version.


The next tier up gives you access to registration pages and reporting.


However, if you’re not already aware, when you buy these packages you’re not just buying Teams. You’re subscribing to the whole Microsoft 365 suite which includes a whole range of services. It’s fantastic to get these for free but you’ll need to spend time setting it all up. It’s not like other webinar software where you just create an online account and get started.


As a non-profit, I highly recommend getting in touch with TechSoup ( or their global partner in your country. They support the nonprofit offer with Microsoft and have plenty of resources.


Feel free to ask more questions here too.